Frequently Asked Questions

How does a 2 leg chair work?

At the heart of this patent-pending design is an ultra-strong harness system that attaches to the ski-tow eye on the PWC, offsetting weight displacement that would normally be burdened on back legs of chairs. Keeping the two legs in position is the result of patent pending, over-sized treaded feet and back harness which ensures the feet will not slip forward while enjoying the comfort of the KickBack Chair.

How fast does the chair setup?

The KickBack chair is adjustable to fit multiple PWC configurations. The initial set up (involving forward and rear strap adjustments) is done one time per PWC and only takes a few minutes. Once the initial adjustments have been made, the KickBack Chair sets up in less than 1 minute with most rookies, and under 30 seconds after setting it up several times.

Can someone sit in the chair while the ski is under way?

No.  The KickBack Chair was designed only to be used while the engine is NOT running and the PWC is NOT underway. Its purpose is to provide that perfect pit-stop when you are ready for a break from the high speeds but not ready to retreat to shore. The KickBack Chair was not designed to withstand the stress and impact of use while driving the PWC. Personal Injury and damage to the chair and ski could be the result of sitting in the KickBack Chair while PWC is under way.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, it is 225 lbs.

Does it fit on every PWC?

The KickBack Chair fits on the majority of 3-seater sit-down skis with tow-eyes.

Breakdown per manufacturer:

Yamaha’s made after 2005 with tow-eyes, and some prior models
Kawasaki’s made after 2005 with tow-eyes, and some prior models
Most Sea-Doo’s made after 2005 with tow-eyes or tow pylon and without the LinQ System (see below) with the exception of the Spark Series,
Does not currently fit on 2 seater Spark Series
Sea-Doo’s with the LinQ System need the LinQ Retractable Ski Pylon accessory or Bopenski’s SeaDoo Compatibility Strap Accessory (must order from our site)
Sea-Doo’s 2021 RXP X must have either the LinQ Retractable Ski Pylon OR the RXPX Passenger Seat accessory WITH the Bopenski Compatibility Strap Accessory
* Sea-Doo ’06-‘09 GTI Series are yet to be tested

Will the chair damage my ski?

If the KickBack Chair is attached and used correctly, you will not damage your ski.
The over-sized treaded feet disperse weight across the deck, and it
stows easily and quickly under the seat handle.

Does the chair float?

No. Although light, it sinks fairly quickly. It was designed to stay securely attached to the ski’s tow-eye the entire time you are out on the water. You can easily setup and then take-down and secure for storage without ever disconnecting the KickBack Chair from the tow-eye on the ski.

What maintenance is required?

The fabric is made of a quick drying mesh fabric and polyester.The frame is high-grade anodized aluminum with all hardware being stainless steel and the plastic parts made of a special high-strength formula of polypropylene – it’s made to last for many years. That being said, we recommend rinsing off the BOPENSKI™ KickBack Chair after each use and allow it to dry before storage. As with most metal and fabric products, corrosion/mildew can occur over time if not properly cared for.

What does PS 91 mean on the warnings fabric of front harness?

Google it 🙂


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