Why Bopenski™

We are a US based company who designs, creates and sells innovative and game-changing products for personal watercraft enthusiasts.

At Bopenski, our mission is to inspire moments of connection.

The idea for our company was born from a passion for family, community, and quality. We believe in family, whoever you consider that to be. We value the importance and power of reminiscing in the fun times, and not so fun times that have been overcome, because these are the moments that add up to create a full and meaningful life. We seek joy in purposefully creating together-moments in the present, because these are the experiences that nurture important relationships. We prize the excitement found in planning family moments for the future, because looking forward builds hope for tomorrow.

At Bopenski, we believe in community. When we carve out time to spend with others, it strengthens relationships, heals hurts and builds lasting unity. Our products are all designed with this community and relationship building purpose in mind. Because we are so passionate about relationship, we continually aim to help you create a place, an atmosphere, and an avenue through which miracle moments of connection can happen.

At Bopenski, we believe in quality. We desire to be a leading force in returning manufacturers back to quality design, where products seldom break – but if they do, they can be repaired instead of thrown away and replaced. We recognize that we live in a culture that values the ease of simply replacing what is broken, but we believe that the easy way is not often the right way. We believe in restoration, and we start with designing quality and repair-ability into our products, maintaining a commitment to provide repair and show how to repair when needed.

If you share our passions for family, community, and quality, we welcome you. You make a difference. This world can become everything it was designed to be, one decision, one moment, and one relationship at a time.

The Bopenski Tribe


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